5 Simple Steps to Make Your Site Mobile and Tablet-Friendly

New-age users are more dependent on their tablets and Smartphones than PCs and laptops to browse the web. If your site isn’t ready for them yet, you may have to face the consequences – lower conversion rates, no return visitors, loss in sales, and so on. What’s the distinction

Just a Couple of Basic Photoshop Tips

Today I am going to provide you with a few advices you may or may not know when it comes to using Photoshop. There is no doubt that graphic designers are all about using this program to edit their images. If by the way you are a

7 HTML Editors for Designers & Developers

Designers & developers always wanted to know about the best design tools. That is why we have been posting about various design tools in the past like best html5 tools for designers. But today we decided to discuss HTML editors. Yes we know it might be really

Downsides Of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is everywhere. Just look at the Superbowl and you will see that the public continues to take to their social media network of choice to publically discuss ideas, thoughts, brands and events.

8 Tried And Tested Ways To Improve Your Ecommerce Store

Most of these ideas have been discovered first hand and are the result of several years of accumlated knowledge and of learning things the hard way! This is not a definitive list of techniques to improve your e-commerce website but it will hopefully cover some of the

Vertically Align Text in CSS – A Guide

The vertical align property of CSS is to align elements, usually images, with respect to their parent container in web designing. It is a tool used by web designers quite frequently and to great effect! However, the biggest downside is that vertical align doesn’t work with text. Unfortunately, native

Top Trends for Web Designing – 2014

The year 2013 was quite interesting and happening for the web design industry. Many technologies and design trends matured during the year and became the standards of web design. 2014 also promises to be quite an interesting year for the industry as many new trends seem to

10 Vital WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

WordPress offers a wide range of plugins which can help bloggers work more effectively. However, due to the numerous options available, many people end up confused and frustrated when selecting plugins for their site. Here are some of the best WordPress plugins for bloggers.

Use of White Space in Web Design: A Creative Concept

Minimalism is the big trend nowadays. Be it in art or architecture, web design or development, the focus is on keeping just the essentials and letting go of all embellishments. The use of white space in web design is an expression of this influence. But before you

Pixeno.com Cloud Servers – Cloud and Reseller Hosting Redefined

Once you have designed the website, hosting is the next important thing on your radar. In the past most small businesses would opt for shared hosting that work out to be the most cost effective hosting solution. There were some flaws with this technology as your website

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