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PSD to XHTML: Importance of Browser Compatibility


  The increasing importance of PSD to XHTML conversion cannot be negated. It is an intrinsic part of Website Designing and holds a heavy weightage. It also goes beyond saying that Internet has spread its root in a diverse fashion…

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XHTML Delivery in 8 HRS! Is it 8 HRS Really?


 It continues to amaze me as to how the Web Development companies promise XHTML Deliveries in 8 HRS or 4 HRS Flat! The web is burgeoning with companies that guarantee “quality in quick time”, and this certainly entice the clients.…

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How to Choose an XHTML Conversion Company among the Stiff Competition


 It might be confusing to choose from a lesser number of options available, as choosing from just a palmful is no real choice, but according to the human behavior, it gets even more confusing to choose from a large number.…

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What if I Don’t XHTML vis-a-vis W3C Standards?


 Not a tad, more than your website won’t be visible to everyone, you would loose your SEO score, and your reputation would be tainted. The coding standards laid out by W3C are not a decree that are to be followed…

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Conformity and Compatibility with Pixel Perfect XHTML Conversion


 The web is brimming with PSD to XHTML conversion tutorials, showing experimental WebPages with step by step coding process. But then, with more and more people getting hooked to web development, the demand of tutorials is being equally proportionate. One…

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Evolution of XHTML


 Need of XHTML XHTML became a W3C recommendation in 2000, and within the next five years we did see many websites framed in XHTML standard. Prior to XHTML, HTML was the successfully running coding standard on the web, and shared…

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