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5 Key Factors in Deciding a WordPress Hosting Provider


  Nearly 23 percent of the world’s websites run on WordPress, and it is the first choice of many users looking to build a web presence. As a blogger, I love the power and flexibility the platform provides right out…

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Basic Tips for HTML Codes for Including a Trendy Background


  HTML codes are essential to add an image to a website, whether it is a background one or a simple one on the foreground. You can easily add an image to your website through HTML codes. Here is a…

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7 Useful Tips for Freelance Developers


  If you are web developer you can earn more than you would earn in a full time job. You also have the freedom to be your own boss and have the time flexibility to enjoy the full project. Here…

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How To Import Products in Magento


 Uploading products manually on Magento is an inconvenient task and takes a lot of time. It is rather annoying to add each product in the admin panel after installing Magento. Adding all the products one by one can be time…

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How to Create Professional-Quality ‘How-to’ Video Guides for the Web


  ‘How-to’ video guides are certainly popular nowadays – and it is easy to see why. Being able to ‘show’ your audience what to do while telling them at the same time is a great way to teach them how…

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Responsive Web Design Tutorial Step By Step For Beginners


  Today Internet is not limited to desktop screen or desktop users but it has inclined more towards web browsing through mobile phones, tablets or small notebooks. Earlier browsing the internet was a tremendous task but all thanks to HTML5…

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Top 5 Magento Themes Of August 2015


  Universal is a responsive and flexible Magento eCommerce Theme that has plenty of features and allows you to to create unique stores with ease. Below are some features – Complete Magento framework Ajax quick view feature and add to…

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HTML Basics for Beginners


 Are you a HTML beginner ? Then here is a complete guide  of HTML codes that you can use it on your own blog or website. Though I would insist that bloggers should take time to learn and write codes…

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Top 6 Must Have Web Development Resources


    If you are a web developer, you must be looking day in and day out for ways to improve your knowledge and skills. You are certainly trying to update yourself with latest technologies, latest designing trends and development…

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5 Advantages of Using Vertical Navigation Menu


 Website navigation is very important for your website designing project. The main aim of making an effective website navigation is to reduce the bounce rate and keep visitors for long time period. Making a website with easy navigation is not…

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