Wazala – Tool That Makes Ecommerce A Cakewalk

Not too long ago, creating and selling products online meant running a small web development firm within your office. You would need to have designers, developers and network specialists to manage operations. Even that wasn’t enough as network errors and failed transactions used to be the order

Impressive Collection of Magento Themes

It’s pretty nice to see that more and more online stores emerge these days reducing our burden of shopping. The healthy competition among online store leads to production of more quality standard products to us. Most online stores are developed in major cms platforms. Magento has come

Freewebsite.us Review – Choose the Best Free Website Creator

These days business big or small likes to have an online presence. It offers them competitive edge over their rivals and also allows them to establish communication with their customers and get new leads. A website is not only informative for its customers, but also adds to

Bluehost – The Best Web Hosting Service Provider

Why do I consider Bluehost to be the best web hosting company of all? There are quite a few reasons, some of which I’ll address in this article. I first came to know about Bluehost on a web hosting review website called 100 Web Hosting which ranked

Top Most Premium WordPress Themes – 2013

Everybody knows, WordPress is the powerful platform for creating WordPress-based blogs, corporate or business website or portfolios or any other. Most of the busines peoples like and built WordPress-based website, because this platform-based websites are handled very easily because of lots of free-of-cost features to users. There

Best Online HTML Editors: Publishing Content Got Easier

Considering to publish your content online? Well, HTML is the essential language that you should turn to. Going about writing this mark up language requires you to get an HTML Editior installed in your system. You might be apprehensive of installing another hardware in your system. So,

15 Effective CheatSheets Attributed to Web Designers

Technology has advanced to a great extent and this keeps the web designers on their toes. The hunt for something exclusive to cater to the clients is always on. This requires the designers to keep the old textbooks and the endless technical manuals at bay. To attain

Responsive Design: Is it Better to Use a Device-Agnostic Approach

The ever-changing demands of the clients and the urge to bypass the competitors leads to a new set of innovation all round the clock. Technology has advanced in a mind-boggling manner over the last three decades. New techniques have cropped up, the terminology has changed and is

WordPress 3.6: Additions and Refinements

Innovation leads to progress. With constant evolution comes the prowess to comprehend the difficulties and remove the bugs in the versions that are yet to come. WordPress released version 3.5 which has already crossed the 6 million download mark. A lot was embedded in the version to

HTML5 vs Flash: Two Technologies at Loggerheads

Day-in day-out, thousands of websites are created and spread over the Net. The main hurdle that needs to be overcome is the choice of the platform. Believe me, this choice can make or break the future of your website. You have two gates opened to explore, one

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