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Compatibility Factor of Your Theme With WordPress: An Insight


  WordPress themes are the most commonly used ones when it comes to designing websites. Representation of an individual’s style is best reflected with the help of these themes. But, when it comes to the compatibility and security of the…

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10 Responsive CSS Frameworks to Reckon With


 There are many responsive CSS frameworks available in the market. Which one will you choose for your requirement? Well, working with CSS requires you to have access to a good set of tools to simplify as well as speed up…

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It’s All About HTML5 “Section” Element


 Rating: A much of the excitement has been seen so far about HTML5 new “Section” element introduced to improve the document structure. It has long been dubbed a game changer for structuring and presenting content for the World Wide Web…

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HTML5 – A Go or No?


 Rating: The flare of mobile web gave rise to a debate over HTML5 for applications development for the users and the employees as per their expectations. Even though 2012 has been remarked as HTML5 year as it became the word…

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Top 10 Joomla Development Companies to Choose from


 Rating: Joomla is one of the most popular open-source content management system in the world, its popularity can be marked by its large community of users and developers working on the technology. Joomla as a platform offers several forms like…

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10 Best WordPress Plugins to Use in 2013


 Rating: The main reason why WordPress is prefered by most of the bloggers is its rich plugin architecture. WordPress has gained top position in the market by being an open source and free platform with so many premium offerings, that…

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Top 30 Premium WordPress Themes For 2013


 Rating: 2013 has arrived with new aims and goals, everyone seeks to follow a new path to achieve new goals. With everything new and fresh in the mind, why not getting a new premium theme for your WordPress website. If…

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10 Top WordPress Development Companies to Consider for Your Needs


 Rating: As per recent trend, WordPress is considered as one of the top preferred solutions for web development that can be used to develop blogs as well as complicated websites in a miraculous way. The best part about this platform…

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10 Best Shopping Cart Software to Maximize Your Shopping Spree


 Rating: A business is there to cater to all its clientele. Be it regular clients, who have a face-to-face interaction, or online clients, business has to serve every purpose. Being present on the virtual world, i.e. the Net, has become…

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13 Inspiring Drupal-Based Websites


 Drupal is a CMS that is loved by most developers. And, much to the surprise of most of us, Drupal has been becoming a favorite of users as well. After all, the CMS is on the quest to become the…

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