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PixelCrayons Review: An Impetus to the Success of My Ecommerce Store


  Availing its services from years, I finally got time to write a review on PixelCrayons. Before I start, I want to make it clear that I’m very glad with the company and have probably not seen a more committed…

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Make Your Website Friendly For Users And Search Engine Both


 Rating: Major search engines like Google and yahoo give high ranks to some pages even if they talk about the same issue. The algorithms to decide the rankings play a very important role. But it has a positive effect also,…

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Your Design Says it All


 Websites have become one of the best ways to convey your message to the internet savvy people all around the world. A website has to be unique and attractive so that it gets clicked to the potential customers. A well…

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Plugins and WordPress Tips for Media Producers


 Rating: If you are ready to take your music and media to the next level and start your own electronic press kit site then you should do it quick. You can go viral if you have a good website laid…

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15 Great Executions of HTML5 Canvas


  Although, most of you would have been heard of HTML5, but there would be not many people who actually know what HTML5 is. Well, its an upgraded version of the web language HTML that has advanced attributes than HTML…

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What is PSD Design? 30 Best Examples for Better Understanding


  PSD is a native file format of Photoshop, known as Photoshop Document. When you save any image in photoshop, it automatically becomes a PSD file. PSD can support almost all image modes such as bitmap, grayscale, RGB, and many…

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30 Impressive PSD Files: Inspirational Showcase for Designers


  There would be hardly any tech savvy person who is unaware of Photoshop. It is considered as the most useful tool for designers and very popular in the the design community. It has been renowned for many years, just…

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Showcase of Creatively Designed HTML Email Newsletter Templates


 Rating: HTML Email Newsletter is one of the successful modes of communication for both publishers and readers. Whether it’s a publisher or a reader, both can take advantage of email newsletters; through these newsletters, publishers can measure reader’s interest in their products, and readers can…

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Top Web Designing Mistakes You Should Be Aware Of


 Information technology has become much advanced across the globe and most of the countries are making World Wide Web, a mainstream business platform for their companies. However, the software solution providers face many challenges in web designing. Here are some…

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Google Updated 8 Crucial Tools for Developers


 Google has recently updated its tools for developers. Some of the tools are free, app creators and tailored specifically for web. Google has done this to make developers feel that they are valuable. Moreover, these tools help developers in building…

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