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Top 8 WordPress Twitter Plugins You Should Consider Using in 2013


 Rating: Social media marketing has become very important in business these days, bloggers need to make their presence felt to their users. With millions of blogs powered on WordPress, social network plugins are a great way to proceed with the…

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Best Tools And Tutorials for HTML5 Designers and Developers


 Rating: Web designers and developers hardly get time to learn and improve their HTML5 skills while working on their projects. Here, in today’s round up, we like to share some HTML5 tools and tutorials to help them ease their tasks…

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30 Most Popular WordPress Plugins[Infographic]


 Rating: When it comes to performance and functionality, it is very difficult to overtake a WordPress website. But all that power does not just happen, rather it is the result of the plugins which you install to resolve the issues…

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Drupal 8: Is it Mobile all the Way


 Innovations, new releases and a whole lot of build-up just before the release of something ecstatic is what lures me and Drupal 8 is one such CMS that has caught my fancy. Though it is expected to get launched by…

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5 Top Rated Components of Joomla Extension Directory


 Rating: The use of CMS is of utmost importance when it comes to storing, retrieving and editing the content of a website. Joomla is one such popular CMS, but the components that are developed by third party developers help it…

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Evolution from Flash to HTML5


 Rating: Up till 2010, flash used to be the most usable and preferable software for developers to work on. With an open letter named ‘Thoughts on Flash’, almost everybody agreed with Steve Jobs. With the advent of HTML5 and its…

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15 Elegant Responsive Drupal Themes


 Rating: There’s no second thought on the fact that there are few free responsive themes for Drupal available in the market. A plethora of screen sizes have made the task all the more difficult. It is tough to find a…

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10 CSS3 Tools That Aid Simplified Development Process


 Rating: With the introduction of CSS3, there has been a substantial growth in the usage of CSS and is an added advantage to the already existing features. A new look and feel with the methodology of styling has taken centre-stage…

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Responsive Web Design: Paying Attention To Your Viewers


 Rating: Responsive web design is focused on the viewer. It’s easy in web design to get stuck on things from your own perspective, so you can think of the responsive approach as a reality check. Exactly how are other people…

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10 HTML5 Tutorials for Enhanced Effects


 Rating: HTML5 is the most widely used language that helps you better the content visibility on a website. Developers prefer this language as it helps them usher fresh ideas and innovate. There are many tutorials present for developers in the…

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