Responsive Design: Is it Better to Use a Device-Agnostic Approach

  The ever-changing demands of the clients and the urge to bypass the competitors leads to a new set of innovation all round the clock. Technology has advanced in a mind-boggling manner over the last three decades. New techniques have cropped up, the terminology has changed and

WordPress 3.6: Additions and Refinements

 Innovation leads to progress. With constant evolution comes the prowess to comprehend the difficulties and remove the bugs in the versions that are yet to come. WordPress released version 3.5 which has already crossed the 6 million download mark. A lot was embedded in the version to

HTML5 vs Flash: Two Technologies at Loggerheads

 Day-in day-out, thousands of websites are created and spread over the Net. The main hurdle that needs to be overcome is the choice of the platform. Believe me, this choice can make or break the future of your website. You have two gates opened to explore, one

Procedures to Keep Up the Pace of a Joomla Website

 Presentation matters and that too in the appropriate quantity. To exhibit a friendly user-experience you need to make some necessary changes to your website. A major change amongst the others is to make your website fast. This as a result offers some benefits. Higher conversion rates, higher

5 WordPress Plugins Optimizing Responsive Design

 Mobile internet has gained a huge significance in this digital era and extensive use of Smartphone and tablets. It has become one of the most preferred ways of accessing web among the new generation people. Nobody likes waiting for hours and hours to access web on their

CodeinWp Review – Best Solution to Pixel-Perfect WP Website

 WordPress has become one of the best and easiest way of meeting niche demands of the businesses and individuals. WordPress is not limited to a virtual journal, it is most widely used for designing full-fledged websites, thanks to the customization features it caters. And most likely business

Steps to Fabricate a Mobile WordPress Theme With the jQuery Mobile Library

 WordPress is the most preferred CMS when it comes to theme creation and the experience is further enhanced with the use of jQuery. Yes, the main differentiator, when it comes to separating a mobile website from a flourishing mobile experience, is jQuery. Javascript, in this innovative form

5 Shopping Cart Essentials For Your Virtual Storefront

 Are you giving a bit of thought to opening your own online ecommerce store? Maybe you’ve got wicked skills when it comes to crocheting, or perhaps you’ve got a passion for pets that’s spurring your desire. No matter what your reasoning is, one of the most important

Responsive Typography: Face Detection Adjusts the Font Size

 The Net has been over-exploding with new technological advancements, recently. The focus has been on Responsive web design and it has skyrocketed since its inception. Ringing like a catch-line all over there’s a lot happening in this arena. The practical reason for it going great guns is

Will Push Notifications for HTML5 be the Fading Factor for Native Apps

 Apps are the lifeline of entertainment and need for a user. The interactive element that keeps a consumer engaged to the mobile device are apps. Be it native apps or web-based apps, all are required for creating an engaging environment. As a developer it is quite tough

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