Perfect Logo Designing Just Got Easier With 48hourslogo!

48hourslogo is the ultimate destination when it comes to getting a logo designed for your business or brand. Every business owner should know how important having a high quality and well-designed logo is and therefore how important it is to commit to the right designer. Since choosing

Showcase of 20+ Stunning Woocommerce WordPress Themes

WordPress is one of the best CMS platform to set up an online business without the assistance of a skilled programmer. Being originally designed for blogging, this platform has evolved with several new functionalities with a huge community of professional developers. Today, there is nothing that is

Following the Rules for Incorporation

For the person who is setting up a brand new business or taking an older one to be formally classified seem like a complicated process. In some cases, it is depending on the type of business you are going in to and what country you are setting

Top 11 Website Builders to Woo Your Online Presence

Building a brand new website has never been easy than to the availability of some of the coolest website builders available. They are cool and offers zillions of features to make your web presence come to live even when you do not have any programming skills. Just

Easy Web Content Presenter Review – Add Interactivity to Your Work

We are living in a highly competitive business environment and here presentation matters as much as the content. If you have used PowerPoint or Flash over the years you know the advantages of proper presentation to your clients and customers. Now if you are thinking of putting

Treasuring The Trash – A Roundup of 30+ Recycled Artworks

As already stated, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”, designers prove this statement as they see the world with their creative eyes. Things that we find obsolete and trashed out, could not even imagined to be turned into such artistic pieces. We blindly throw out various

Readability as a User Experience Factor

Factors that influence user experience vary across industries; however, readability is a major factor and usually common for all. In some cases, it is the most important aspect of user experience. If we consider digital publication industry, the only thing that the users look for is ‘Readability’.

Why Are Site Developers Hesitating When It Comes To Responsive Design?

Responsive design–the process of creating websites that adjust to fit the screen they are being viewed on–is the latest web design trend that seems to have hit the ground running. Unfortunately, however, there is one blockade in the road that is slowing the advancement of responsive design.

Multi-Channeling: The Right Way To Succeed In ECommerce

Webmasters of all types often grow stale in their business strategies. Before recent Google algorithm updates, like Panda and Penguin, many online business owners put all of their focus into search engine optimization. Now, many are relying on paid traffic and social media to drive traffic and

Showcase of 30+ Creative Hand-Drawn Website Designs

Anything which is sketched/hand drawn can convey your feelings to the people who are viewing it. Let’s say we have a piece of paper that is a neatly typed document and on the other hand, we have a paper that has hand written, which one would you

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