An Exercise in Hope – Some Reasons Flash Web Design May Survive

Flash has lost its battle in the world of mobile design. Adobe has discontinued the mobile browser version of Flash. Flash for mobile is dead and buried – the company is now freeing up resources to build solutions based on HTML5. Even Adobe admits that most successful

25 Elegant PSD Web Templates For Practicing PSD to HTML Coding Techniques

Performing PSD to HTML conversion on several PSD web templates having different designs will unquestionably offer a better understanding of what exactly PSD to HTML is all about. ‘Slicing/Coding  distinguish PSD web layouts’ is considered as one of the best practices to become an expert web designer. Fortunately, now

How to Implement PHP and Create a Database

PHP is a open source scripting language that is used for making dynamic and interactive web pages. It is a widely used alternative to competitors like ASP, ASP.Net etc. It is very simple for a new comer but at the same time it provides various advanced features

Top 8 Infographic Creation Tools

21st century with IT discoveries in technology has led to magnificent inventions. IT itself has changed the way people work from home, remain updated and even order daily groceries while sitting home in their rocking chairs. With such advancement, marvels have been achieved in many industries especially

Five Drupal Modules That Make Displaying Content a Breeze

Drupal is a powerful, extremely useful, content management system. And, while some complain that the system can be a bit complex, the system has an amazing support community, and there are hundreds of modules designed to solve many of the problems that websites often face. Displaying and

40+ Creative Furniture Designs to Blow Your Mind

Do you know the difference between Art and Design? Design is a concept used by great designers to bridge gap between artworks and real life by implementing creative ideas in the real world. Designing has the power to make anything interesting, be it a website, painting, advertisement

What Does Your Website Communicate About Your Business

Web design is a difficult thing. Balancing superficial appearance with usability, function and more, web designers are creative wizards of the highest order. Especially as business sites are such demanding creatures.

A Showcase of Websites With Blurred Backgrounds

The trend of blurred backgrounds in web design has been gaining popularity recently. This comes as a lot of designers are using the technique designing large photographic backgrounds to showcase their website. Many of the sites using this technique appear to be for mobile apps. However, it

25+ Best Joomla Templates to Push your Corporate Business Online

Currently, Joomla has taken the position of one of the best Content Management System (CMS) on the Web. Joomla is considered as one of the most feasible and popular solution when it comes to designing a huge, advanced website. These days, Joomla is being employed by several

Responsive Web Design or Mobile App Development – Which One is the Safer Route?

With the steadily growing trend of mobile commerce, businesses are quickly understanding the need to make their brand mobile friendly. The businesses are getting confused when it is about deciding the right solution for their organisations, whether they will go for creating a responsive website design or

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