Showcase of 30+ Flat Website Designs to Feed your Inspiration

Rating: Flat design is trending these days in web design industry. In case you are not familiar with the concept, I am here to discuss – Flat design is the website design which do not includes drop shadows, textures, gradients, bevels and other patterns that are common

Roundup of 50 Best Cinemagraphs: Adding Motion to Photographs

Rating: Photography has been a part of our lives to capture our moods and moments to cherish life long. And since the advent of videography, things have changed but photography still holds the same place. Another way to capture special moments is made possible by some creative

Weekly Inspiration – Mobile UI Design #2

Rating: Designers always look forward for new and innovative designs to add value to their work, be it a web design, advertisement design, application design or mobile UI design. Stay tuned to our posts for some updated mobile UI designs to feed your inspiration.

5 Infographics to Know More About Responsive Web Design

Rating: With new things popping up everyday in the world of internet marketing, Responsive web design is the buzzword these days. This has been the talk of the town for some time now and gained a huge importance among designers, developers and website owners obviously. This is

Adobe Switching from Creative Suite to Cloud. What’s Next?

Rating: Adobe’s Creative Suite has long been an industry standard for designers, photographers, and many others. But the price has always been a huge barrier for entry, with Photoshop CS6 costing $699 and the entire Creative Suite collection running over $2,500. For a designer starting out, these

6 Tips to Drive Bizarre Sales Via Social Marketing

Rating: Social media are no longer a place to play pranks at and gossip with your friends, but prolific home having the ability to tap millions of customers and driving traffic to business. It doesn’t mean that you’d miss out the entire funny and entertainment-related to social

Responsive Websites – An Absolute Scrutiny of Smart Techniques

Rating: Throughout the web-design world, the market of websites that uses responsive design software is coming to the world of computer apps and mobile apps. Thus, you have to face the fact that your website must be responsive design based in order to attract a large number

Weekly Inspiration – Mobile UI Design #1

Rating: Designers always keep an eye on new and creative designs to feed their inspiration. Be it a website design, print design, application design or UI/UX design. If you are a designer, you would love to stay tuned for some inspirational updates for mobile UI designs coming

Top Free Magento Extensions for an Impactful E-commerce Website

Rating: Magento is one of the leading open source content management systems used for creating high featured e-commerce portals. This platform is supported by hundreds of web developers and is trusted by thousands of users. Over the years, Magento has overcome various challenges and has offered several

Roundup of 50 Unique Anti-Smoking Advertisement Designs

Rating: Many anti-smoking advertisements have been designed by the designers till date, but a few of them were quick in conveying the message across the smokers. These advertisements had a dramatic effect with some horrifying bloody images and decayed body parts, so this time the designers have

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