Why Magento is Unique in Developing Online Shopping Cart for Your E-Store

Nowadays it is good to have an online shopping store where potential customers can just view your items online without the hassle of going to the main store to see the items for themselves. What’s even better than having an online shopping store is integrating design on

Expectations Of An eCommerce Website In 2013

Not long ago, one of the biggest obstacles e-commerce sites faced was convincing customers it was safe to shop online. Fears about identity theft, fraudulent sites, and stolen credit card info were rampant–and the very newness of the sales forum made many would-be buyers suspicious and concerned.

More Than Just Website Programming

When thinking about web design companies, we usually only think about the actual creation of a website, but modern web design companies can do so much more. In the modern world, companies need to have a strong web presence, or the company will eventually die. Customers do

Can Anything Stop .com?

With more than 100 million .com domain names registered, it is by far the most popular domain name extension around. Its association with the web is so strong, the phrase dot com is practically shorthand for the web itself. So can the most famous domain extension of

Boost Your Online Identity with 4 Odd Benefits of Drupal

For business people, open source web content management systems are like useful tools to build websites in absence of enterprise software applications. But, the real value of open source web applications is much higher than this. You cannot underrate the resourcefulness of this open source web content

Mobile Web Design, Native App Or Both?

As a business owner, it can be very difficult to decide how and where to spend your marketing budget. More and more business owners are directing larger portions of their marketing budgets to digital marketing activities and strategies; and understandably so, after all, digital marketing is cost

Why is PSD to HTML Conversion So Important For Websites?

All over the internet, there are a lot of posts and blogs which talk about how to convert PSD to HTML and different ways to do it. If you do not know what it is all about then you must be wondering what the entire buzz is

Choose The Right Font – A Practical Guide To Typography On The Web

Typography is and advanced field where people devote their lives in this ancient craft. But here you can get many things to explore and learn. In this article, you can able to know about the major and important points, which you should be keeping in mind while

Top 5 Allegories About Cloud Computing in 2013 [Infographic]

Today, more and more public as well as private businesses are moving towards the cloud, as it is one of the growing areas in the IT sector. It has become really important in the day-to day routine. Its cost effectiveness, capabilities, efficiency and improved performance among the

Do’s And Don’ts Of Designing Infographics

Many internet users, especially online businesses, are becoming more appreciative of what they can achieve with a well-executed visual graphic. This fact has become the main reason for the growing popularity in online marketing- the infographic. The infographics shared across various platforms in the internet today are

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