How Good Web Designers Are Helping To Save The World

A person who masters the art of web design is worth their weight in gold. Why? Well, web designers may not exactly change the world, but they do change how people see it. The 2011 Census shows more American households connect to the Internet than ever –

Top 30 iOS7 Redesigns

Apple’s iOS7 is all set to get launched in the fall, although the designing community is not that happy with the new look that has already been revealed by Apple recently, but still they have certain expectations from the new iOS7. Several designers have worked to redesign

5 Amazing WordPress Plugins for Mobile and Smartphones

Mobile and smartphones are being used extensively these days this is why it is imperative that you should have a mobile version of the blog that you run on WordPress. Although this aspect is not too much to be worried about, however the sooner you can have

4 Reasons Why To Choose Professional Digital Design

Nowadays, the influence of the World Wide Web is quite substantial, and it is an absurd managerial blunder to skip creating a website for your business. However, one mistake that is often observed with newer, start-up companies is the lack of proper investment in their website’s design.

Weekly Inspiration – Mobile UI Design #3

Are you a UX/UI designer? Need to know more about the latest designs and layouts? You need not worry, check out our weekly updates for mobile UI designs to feed your inspiration. Take a look at the designs and let us know if you liked them via

Circumstances to Consider while Selecting PSD to Magento Service Provider

Rating: When thinking about developing a multi-functional and effective e-commerce website, a lot of developers turn to their image making software such as Adobe Photoshop to produce layouts of what the entire website would look like in terms of presentation of the home page, shopping cart, checkout

Psychology of Colors: An Infographic for Designers

Rating: Colors being an important element in graphic designing and development process, give value to a brand or logo of a company. Graphic designing not only involves a design or layout, but a message to connect to the targeted people. One should consider psychology of colors while

Showcase of 30+ Flat Website Designs to Feed your Inspiration

Rating: Flat design is trending these days in web design industry. In case you are not familiar with the concept, I am here to discuss – Flat design is the website design which do not includes drop shadows, textures, gradients, bevels and other patterns that are common

Roundup of 50 Best Cinemagraphs: Adding Motion to Photographs

Rating: Photography has been a part of our lives to capture our moods and moments to cherish life long. And since the advent of videography, things have changed but photography still holds the same place. Another way to capture special moments is made possible by some creative

Weekly Inspiration – Mobile UI Design #2

Rating: Designers always look forward for new and innovative designs to add value to their work, be it a web design, advertisement design, application design or mobile UI design. Stay tuned to our posts for some updated mobile UI designs to feed your inspiration.

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