25+ Most Popular HTML5 Responsive Hosting Templates

Rating: There is no doubt that HTML5 has completely taken the designing and development industry to the next level. HTML5 comes with really cool new features which made the designing process simple and also quickened the development task for newbies and experienced designers and developers. Free HTML5

10 Amazing Tools to Run Your Web Design Business from Your Smartphone

Rating: Looking forward to managing your web design business on the go? Well, your smartphone can help you achieve that purpose with tremendous ease. All you need to have to do that is the right set of smartphone applications that help in managing your web design business.

20+ Stylish Web Fonts Collection For Designers

Rating: Typography endures to grow in reputation and web fonts are also on the growth with any web designer worth their salt considering to break from the manacles of dull standard system fonts and include that more something to their sites. With the absolute number of free

10+ Must Have HTML5 Tools For Web Developers to Save Their Time

Rating: Web development is no more the same as it was years ago. Excruciating coding effort has gone down, making the entire development process easy (believe that websites can be built with mere drag and drop play!) and fast.

20+ Dynamic jQuery Responsive Navigation Menus

Rating: Navigation is such a vital part of your website. It is how your visitors navigate to the key sections of your website and makes it simple for them to reach their desired content but having a functional navigational menu that works on both desktop and mobile

20+ Awesome Premium HTML Email Newsletter Templates

Rating: One thing which our inbox is constantly swamped with is, Newsletters which are thrown away considering the same as a spam without recognizing they could be an impeccable resource for promoting our businesses. So, to make readers subscribe to the newsletter could be fairly difficult. Not

Logaster Review – Create Stunning Logos in Four Easy Steps

Rating: A logo is crucial to create your brand’s identity. It makes the brand easily recognizable among the customers. Brands such as Nike, IBM and Samsung, etc. are easily identified by their logos. Thus you can clearly see that logos are very sacred to business and for

Showcase of 20+ Latest Responsive WordPress Themes

Rating: Responsive web design is the latest trend in the market, it aims in providing an excellent viewing experience to the users with easy navigation, minimal scrolling and panning on any device such as Smartphone, tablet, desktop monitors, etc. These are designed with fluid grids and flexible

30+ Free and Digestible eBooks for Web Designers and Developers

Rating: Books are a never ending supply of knowledge about any particular subject. Information about designing, creative ideas and use of graphic design is easily available to everyone on the web. Source of information can be anything – blogs, websites, books, tutorials, etc. All you need to

5 Extremely Resourceful PHP Design Patterns for Designers and Developers

Rating: The time has come for the developers to up their PHP development skills with a notch or two. In this article we shall be discussing 5 fundamental PHP coding design factors which can be accessed by PHP developers from all across the world to achieve a

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