30+ Amazingly Useful jQuery Sliders, Carousel and Slideshows

Rating: Designing and development process has become easy with jQuery. It has a lot of cool elements that make the processes faster with a few alterations. There are several jQuery plugins available on the web that can be used to create effects in a few seconds. And,

Top 10 Trends That Designers and Developers Can’t Ignore in Web Designing

Are you all set to hire web designers? While you may or may not be well versed with the changing trends in the web designing arena but the candidate should certainly have knowledge of the advancements across competition.

40+ Responsive Grid WordPress Themes to Mobilize Your Website

While going through the development process for your website, there is an important element on which you need to focus – device friendliness of your website. As your visitors might be using another devices apart from desktops and laptops to access your website, also the current scenario

Showcase of 35+ Best Responsive Magento Themes

Nobody could have even thought of running an online business with so much ease before the advent of electronic medium that has raised the bar of competition in the market. An electronic store can offer you a lot of features, attractive layouts and easy navigation for all

40+ Stunning Drupal 7 Responsive Themes

Drupal being an open-source CMS has gained huge popularity these days. It is a content management platform where you can create powerful blogs and complex websites easily. If you are a developer, you can create or customize a theme according to your requirements, but if you are

7 Useful Tips to Fortify Your Website Branding

Branding is the first thing that jumps to brain when we think of creating a persistent identity for any brand’s products or services. As also defined by Wikipedia that branding is the most precious fixed asset of any organization. Branding cannot be overlooked in today’s hugely competitive

10+ Essential CSS Tools for Application Developers

Cascading Style Sheets is the style sheet language for web that is used for formatting and styling web pages. Web developers all over the world make use of CSS for providing a certain look and feel to their websites. It helps in segregating the content of a

The Site Slinger Review – PSD to HTML Conversion Made Easy

If you have designed your website in Photoshop the next big hurdle is to convert the design into a website. This is easier said than done as it involves a lot of coding to get a site live. Having basic coding knowledge isn’t enough as you need

Radical Change in Mobile App Design is Eminent

There are several ways to express what you feel and a speech is perhaps the most popular and easiest medium. In fact, it is most popular probably because it is easiest to perform. If you are habituated of making long prologues before you make your point then

Define Your Style as a Fashion Blogger

Fashion is important. Even those who claim to hate the idea of dressing up know exactly what they like and what they do not. With the Internet has come a lot of different types of fashion and there are blogs about all of it. From haul videos

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