Logaster Review – Create Stunning Logos in Four Easy Steps

Rating: A logo is crucial to create your brand’s identity. It makes the brand easily recognizable among the customers. Brands such as Nike, IBM and Samsung, etc. are easily identified by their logos. Thus you can clearly see that logos are very sacred to business and for

Showcase of 20+ Latest Responsive WordPress Themes

Rating: Responsive web design is the latest trend in the market, it aims in providing an excellent viewing experience to the users with easy navigation, minimal scrolling and panning on any device such as Smartphone, tablet, desktop monitors, etc. These are designed with fluid grids and flexible

30+ Free and Digestible eBooks for Web Designers and Developers

Rating: Books are a never ending supply of knowledge about any particular subject. Information about designing, creative ideas and use of graphic design is easily available to everyone on the web. Source of information can be anything – blogs, websites, books, tutorials, etc. All you need to

5 Extremely Resourceful PHP Design Patterns for Designers and Developers

Rating: The time has come for the developers to up their PHP development skills with a notch or two. In this article we shall be discussing 5 fundamental PHP coding design factors which can be accessed by PHP developers from all across the world to achieve a

20+ Free PSD Infographic Templates to Inspire Designers

Rating: Infographics (Information graphics) have become one of the powerful way of conveying your message to the target audiences. One of the best thing about the infographics is that these can be understood by uneducated people as well. Conveying the information through images, bar diagrams, pie charts

10 Important Ways to Define the Latest eCommerce Trends

Rating: The future continues to look good for people involved in Ecommerce. Ecommerce is and will be viewed as a major way to attract new customers. The e-commerce platform began with listing and display of products, and it has developed into a personalized shopping experience now. E.g.

40+ Best Responsive Opencart Themes to Enhance your Online Sales

Rating: Opencart is one of the perfect solutions for eCommerce websites offering shopping cart feature. Online shopping has become the latest trend in the market and people are looking forward for more new features and tactics to stay ahead of the competitors in the market. Opencart is

30+ Inspirational Photo Manipulation Tutorials

Rating: Photo manipulation has become another form of art these days, it gives the freedom to the artist to create the most out of his wild imagination. A famous quote by Albert Einstein says – “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all

Start Using Codelobster PHP Edition – A Transparent Opinion

Rating: As a web developer, I routinely develop WordPress plug-ins and PHP-based applications. I know how much mind squeezing it is to achieve a customized visage. Thus, my quest for an integrated development environment (IDE) software ended with CodeLobster. Its amazing features just blew me off, as

30+ Amazingly Useful jQuery Sliders, Carousel and Slideshows

Rating: Designing and development process has become easy with jQuery. It has a lot of cool elements that make the processes faster with a few alterations. There are several jQuery plugins available on the web that can be used to create effects in a few seconds. And,

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