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WordPress is introducing a new analytics tool, Insights, to give a new look to your stats. Insights gives access to your all-time views, visitors and posts. These stats will help you to make the most of your website.

WordPress Insights tool helps you to identify at what times of the day your website is most popular.

New WordPress Insights tool shows you the best time to post-min

This WordPress analytics tool has a feature named posting activity visualization, which is a sort of calendar which tells you that at what times and days you post most frequently. It shows all these visualizations in different shades of blue. Deeper is the color, the more often you’ve posted.

WordPress Insights tool shows you the best time to post-min

All these visualizations of your posting trends will be visible at the top right of the insights page. All the stats that you were using earlier like Comments, Tags & Categories, Followers and Publicize will be moved to the insights page.From these stats, you can select a particular time frame and analyze the performance of your website.

WordPress has incorporated this analytics tool so as to remove the need of a plugin. This WordPress Insights tool will soon also be available for the IOS and Android apps users.