How to Create Professional-Quality ‘How-to’ Video Guides for the Web

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‘How-to’ video guides are certainly popular nowadays – and it is easy to see why. Being able to ‘show’ your audience what to do while telling them at the same time is a great way to teach them how to do something. What you may have noticed by watching some of these video guides however is that there is a distinct disparity in their quality – some tend to have an amateur cast to them, while others have a much more professional sheen.

Assuming you want to create a ‘how-to’ video guide, it goes without saying that you would like it to look and feel as professional as possible – particularly if you’re using it as part of an online marketing campaign, or even harbor hopes of it going viral. To accomplish that, there are several measures that you should take, right from the get go.

Plan the Video Thoroughly

Many people assume that the only ‘plan’ you need to create a video guide is a series of steps, but that isn’t the case. If you want your guide to look professional, you need to be thorough when coming up with your plan and essentially script the entire video.

Some details that you should remember to include are:

  • Scene-by-scene breakdown of each step
  • Details of the elements in each scene and what is being done
  • Fully scripted voiceover narration (i.e. what is being said, and when it is being said)

Recording and Editing the Video Guide

Once your video guide is planned and scripted – the next step is to actually record the footage that you need. To do this, you’ll need screen capture software that allows you to record your screen or some other source of the footage.

The one thing that you want to be sure to do is to take multiple takes of each scene until it is ‘just right’. Even then you may find that you need to re-shoot some parts later.

Armed with the footage, the final key to creating a professional-looking video is the editing. Not only does this encompass trimming away unwanted segments of video and combining the footage to form the final cut – but it also involves enhancing the video quality, adding special effects, including titles or captions, inserting background music, and much more.

The more care and effort you put into editing your video to make it look perfect, the better the final result will be. It may sound like it is difficult but with the help of the Movavi Screen Capture Studio you’ll find that it really isn’t. By blending the powerful features that you need to create professional-looking videos with an intuitive user interface, you’ll find that you’re able to create how-to video guides that really stand out and resemble something that was professionally produced.

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