5 Advantages of Using Vertical Navigation Menu

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Website navigation is very important for your website designing project. The main aim of making an effective website navigation is to reduce the bounce rate and keep visitors for long time period. Making a website with easy navigation is not easy. Apart from easy navigation it should be easily crawled by search engines.

Typical web design –

For years designers have been following the typical website template that has header, footer and the navigation bar.  The basic template has rectangular pattern that leads to upward-downward, left-right movement of the eyes. Web designers now have started following new trend and latest navigation styles. Here are 5 advantages of using vertical navigation style to have simpler and faster approach to a user experience.

1. Single Page Navigation

Single Page Navigation

Compared to other traditional websites, single page web design is fun and fast to a user experience. Single page navigation not only helps you to access fast information but also maintains smooth interface. The below given example shows the navigation that can link to each content section using different color schemes. When one clicks on the navigation buttons, they not only change their colors accordingly, but also scroll along with the web page. There is no other perfect example for this than the design layout of Jorge Rigabert http://www.jorgerigabert.com

2. Multi Page Navigation

Multi Page Navigation

Not very website can have single page navigation layout. Trying a single page layout on any website might look clumsy. Thus, there are many ways to use the vertical navigation menu. Website like McDonalds use different color scheme matching company logo. When you hover over each link, a bubble box appears with options that provide further links to different pages of the website. This is called the multi page navigation.

3. The Three lined Drawer Navigation

The three lined drawer navigation

Sometime a web design is very well framed and build but adding an additional element or a menu can completely spoil the look of the design. Apart from smashing the design its can distract users attention and won’t keep users for long. Thus, to avoid such distraction and create mesmerizing effect on audience’s mind you must use three lined menu navigation. There is no other perfect example for this than the design layout of Kickpoint http://kickpoint.ca/

4. Compact Navigation

The Compact Navigation

Compact navigation means a website having fixed navigation including four to five links accompanied by icons. Thus makes website simple and minimum usage of element with vertical navigation menu. There is no other perfect example for this than the design layout of Parachute.

5. The Vertical Cum Horizontal Navigation

The Vertical Cum Horizontal Navigation

The vertical cum horizontal navigation scroll allows one to smoothly surf across the entire website. It gives an interesting user experience to play, since users can easily swipe between the different contents like one would on a parallax web design.There is no other perfect example for this than the design layout of Pauline Osmot.

Proper navigation keeps your user to stay on your website and explore other pages and services offered. There are plenty of things to be kept in mind before designing a website and finalizing the menu bars. Its not just the colors, design, images, size and orientation but menu bars too.

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