Chrome Steps on to Third Place Pushing Safari Behind

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With a market share of 4.6%, Chrome is now the third most popular browser trailing Safari behind.

The latest data from research firm Net Applications show that Google Chrome reap major benefits among users and seems to retain the podium one captured earlier in December in the case of the most used browsers on the Internet.

From November to December increasing namely Google Chrome by 0.7 percent on the net and passed thus Apple’s Safari on the list of the most used browsers on the web. Given that the browser is only a little over a year old, it is a right impressive feat.

Several factors contribute to change. To begin with, Internet Explorer has been steadily losing users and has since January 2009 has lost about seven per cent market share. This has been mainly caught up by Firefox and Chrome.

Another factor that probably influenced some of Chrome is released for OS X and Linux, which certainly attracted some new users. The third factor is that Chrome now works with the additions, which further enhanced the functionality.

The change resulted not only a temporary boost, but the browser looks to keep its users, according to figures.

Internet Explorer (all versions included) still account for 62.69 percent of the market, while Firefox is at 24.61 percent. Chrome to third place has been 4.63 percent and Safari 4.46 percent. Opera is in fifth place with 2.4 percent of users, followed by Opera Mini at 0.53 percent.(source)

Something that should be mentioned is that the Net Applications numbers are based on the traffic that occurs on a large number of selected Internet sites, which means that data is not 100 percent, compared with the actual use.

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