Choose Right Colors For Your Business Card Design

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Choosing the right color for your business card is not like simply picking out your favorite color, it involves much more than that. Colors have the power over the mind, it explores the spectrum of eternal mind. Business card has a caliber of creating a powerful impression. Using a colorful business card is an advantage for your business. Every color has a different meaning and impact, hence can affect people’s emotions, being a designer one should be aware of this.

Color has the ability to attract the clients, so one should make a right choice of color for business card. To make this task easier to understand, this post will definitely help in designing a business card with appropriate color & design to be effective in your industry. These tips would help you choose right colors for your company while you hire a company to Print Business Cards.

1. Look Into Your Industry

For every niche of industry, there would be a different color to use for its better identification. Like some would choose to use orange for trade industries or maybe for kids or foods, Pink shows Fashion, Turquoise for health care, etc.

2. Know The Target Audience

Determine the clients whom you want to reach to a specific gender or to an age, this can help you choose the right color that attracts them. Children love purple above all other colors, teens get attracted to black, wealthy people prefer deep green, women find pinks more appealing than men and blue is a universally accepted business color because it indicates loyalty.

3. Color Psychology

It refers to the meaning of color, every color has a different meaning. Navy is associated with expertise and stability. Blue color conveys calmness and wisdom. Green  promotes freshness and nature. Red conveys danger and passion as well. Orange conveys enthusiasm. Yellow depicts sunshine. Purple sends a message of wealth and royalty. Black relates to the power. So choose the color that fits your business with different color psychology.

4. Your Company Color

If your company website has colors, you can simply use those colors while designing your business card as this is a part of the company’s branding.

5. Color Wheel

Use the color wheel to pick up the complementing colors. This can help you decide on what colors can create a good combination. In a color wheel, Complementing colors are located directly across each other. You can download Color wheel from the Internet.

6. Choose Timeless Color

Choose a color that lasts in the market. Color that are timeless gives you better identity and leaves a lasting impression in the client’s mind.

7. Client Reaction

Every color has a different impact on your client because different colors have different significance. Colors have the ability to change the reaction of the clients. Decide the color, whether you want to make your clients amazed, motivated, valued, relaxed or anything else.

8. Using The Color Of Your Website

This maintains a cohesion between your website & your business card. It would be a lot easier for your client to recognize your organization by connecting your business card with your website. It makes the choice of the color of your business card simple and easy to recognize too.

9. Image You Want to Convey

Color of the businesses card conveys the image of your industry, but this is not the soul factor that determines the image of your organization. There are several other factors like your website, logo, magazines, brochures and other branding materials that convey your brand image.

10. Look for Inspiration

One more way of choosing the color of your business card is by looking at other’s business card. It’s not like copying the other’s card, this is just for the inspiration, to get a basic idea about it.

Now it’s Time for Your Action

A business Card attracts the eye and subliminally conveys your message to the clients. It can strengthen your brand identity and help make the sale. We hope that the above tips will be beneficial for your business & industry.

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