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20 Must Have WordPress Plugins

WordPress is a blogging tool, which provides millions of features and traits, but still there are a lot of flaws and various missing functions in WordPress. We can overcome the flaws by using the right plugins. A newbie WordPress user…

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Key Principles of Agile Develoment

Software development is something almost every company on the globe have to adopt, and most of the company go for Agile methodologies because of its various advantages. Agile software development is a set of principles for software development. It mainly…

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Common WordPress Errors and Solutions

We all know that WordPress is a blogging tool and it is easily customizable as well. But, there are some if’s and but’s, and as we know no one is perfect so how can be some human made app or…

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How to Achieve Positive Network Effects Your Platform Business?

According to the network effect theory, the larger, the number of users on a platform, the better it will be for the business. The user base starts to grow, once there are a significant number of users on the platform.…

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How To Build a Community Website With WordPress

Creating an online community with WordPress will not just help your business get more followers, but also more traffic. One may face quite a few challenges while building a community like this, but the results can surely be tremendous. Community…

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How To Choose The Right eCommerce Platform For Your Online Shop

The entry barriers to eCommerce are now limited, as more and more open source platforms are now available for quick web development of eCommerce websites. Choosing the right platform is a must for every business for better cost effectiveness and…

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website color scheme

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5 Color Schemes That You Must Avoid While Designing A Website

We all love colors as these accomodate life in them. We don’t even like to watch those old motion pictures that were shot in black & white mode before the visual revolutionization took place. When it comes to designing a…

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big data analytics

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What is Big Data analytics? Concept and Tools

What is Big Data analytics? The meaning of big data influences the key to understanding big data analysis. By Gartner IT Glossary, Big Data is high-volume, high-speed and high-variety information resources that request cost effective, innovative types of information processing…

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web design development trends 2016

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6 Crucial Web Development Trends to Expect in 2016

Web development is a rapidly developing industry. From time to time, a new trend comes by and announces changes that everybody needs to adopt in order to remain focused. These trends incorporate the use of certain development items, SEO techniques,…

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10 Essentials of a Crowdfunding Website

What is Crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is by definition, “the act of funding a project or venture by raising numerous small amounts of money from a huge number of people, typically by means of Internet.” In an apparently non stop recession wave,…

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