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How to convert your website to an environmentally friendly one

How to convert your website to an environmentally friendly one Nowadays, there are massive campaigns to go green in order to save the planet. All sectors around the world actively promote all sorts of environmental advocacy to involve as many…

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How to build a website from your mobile device

So, you have a busy life, but you would like to build a website anyway. Maybe you want to blog. Maybe you want to do a comic. Maybe you have dreams of starting an online business. Whatever the goal of…

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15 Most Widespread WordPress Errors to Avoid

WordPress is no longer considered only a hangout for fashion bloggers. It’s become one of the most popular platforms for writers, online publishers and an endless number of businesses. But why has it become so popular? First and foremost, WordPress…

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Creating WordPress Tutorials with the Movavi Screen Capture Studio

How good are you at handling WordPress? If you have experience using the platform to run a blog or website and want to show others how to do the same then why not create a tutorial video – or even…

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The top 3 web hosting providers for an e-commerce website

If you want to build an e-commerce website or already have one and are looking for a better website hosting solution, then you need the top website hosting provider. E-commerce sites tend to use more resources than regular websites and…

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Comparing The Hosting Options For A New Blog

If you’re considering starting a new blog, when it comes to hosting, you have two fundamental choices. You can either use a self hosted service like WordPress or Blogger or you can download WordPress (or other platforms) yourself and take…

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Xiaomi Smart Watch

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Great Deals On Smartwatches At Gearbest

Smartwatches are increasingly adding great convenience to your life. They have been around for a while now and have become a huge trend. The general perception is that smartwatches are for those who are tech-savvy, but when you use one,…

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