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Downsides Of Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is everywhere. Just look at the Superbowl and you will see that the public continues to take to their social media network of choice to publically discuss ideas, thoughts, brands and events.

20+ Awesome and Free Social Media Icon Sets for Designers

Rating: Social media icons are small but play a vital role in driving the traffic on any type of blogs and websites. Finding a beautiful and free icons sets is always a tough job as well as time consuming process. If you are in a search of pretty icons set, then you can find an

6 Tips to Drive Bizarre Sales Via Social Marketing

Rating: Social media are no longer a place to play pranks at and gossip with your friends, but prolific home having the ability to tap millions of customers and driving traffic to business. It doesn’t mean that you’d miss out the entire funny and entertainment-related to social activities in the near future! But, in fact,

More Than Just Website Programming

When thinking about web design companies, we usually only think about the actual creation of a website, but modern web design companies can do so much more. In the modern world, companies need to have a strong web presence, or the company will eventually die. Customers do more and more business online and it is

Multi-Channeling: The Right Way To Succeed In ECommerce

Webmasters of all types often grow stale in their business strategies. Before recent Google algorithm updates, like Panda and Penguin, many online business owners put all of their focus into search engine optimization. Now, many are relying on paid traffic and social media to drive traffic and attract new customers. Multi-channel retail is the only

5 Ways Twitter Can Help Build Your Online Presence and Reputation

A good presence as well as reputation online is indispensable for a business to grow well and survive long in today’s cut-to-throat competition. The world of virtual competition is such that anything can spread like a fire in a forest due to which the reputation of business is affected drastically within just a few seconds.

Creation of Social Media Logos Deciphered [20 Pics]

Being on the net has not only created great opportunities for you to expand your business, but has also opened avenues for promotion pertaining to your brand visibility. It has emerged as the fastest medium, in this ever-so, on the go competition. Online media has emerged as the next best thing to happen to human

Facebook: The Giant of Social Media

There is no question that Facebook is the 800lb gorilla of social media. This makes it the ideal place for brand naming and brand agency. Compare Facebook to Google+, for example, Google+ claims 100 million active users, while Facebook claims 900 million users and 530 million active users. Now compare it with the supposedly more

Top Tips for Using Humour in Your Social Strategy

Humour is a great conversation starter, and it is something that is often used to good effect in the world of TV and print advertising, but when was the last time you saw a social media ad that used humour well? There have been a few occasions of big companies producing amusing viral videos; such

Google Introducing a New Tool: Flow Visualization in Google Analytics

On 19th October 2011, Susan Wojcicki unveiled the release of “Flow Visualization” in Google Analytics at Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco. The main aim behind its release is to overcome the difficulties experienced while using traditional path analysis tools.

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