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Premium WordPress Themes: 10 Prominent Marketplaces for Buying and Selling

Are you looking for the market where you can sell and buy premium WordPress themes at incredibly low prices? If yes, then this post will definitely help you in finding the prominent places for buying high quality, astonishing WordPress themes at very low and affordable prices. In last few years, it has been observed that

Facebook to Google+: Foremost Reasons to Switch

Is Google+ stealing users of Facebook? Yes!! This is true. There are so many reasons why users are switching from Facebook to Google+. Variety of reasons is ranging from user-friendliness, accessibility and goes up till data confidentiality. However, Google+ is the central part of Google’s entire identity.

20 Valuable Examples of jQuery Sliders in Web Design

These days, Web designers and developers are using a very powerful tool, i.e. jQuery for creating dynamic websites. jQuery not only creates websites, but also helps in organizing your web pages in such a way that your page will have enough space for graphics, images and at the same time for content as well. So

10 Stupendous jQuery Tools for Web Developers

jQuery is a rich JavaScript library which makes things easier; as it is used for creating web effects easily with few lines of HTML coding. It has become very popular among internet users these days. Therefore, we have gathered a list of few jQuery Plugins which are capable of converting a humdrum website into cool

An Exclusive Alternative to HTML+CSS: XML and HSS

Are you looking for alternative to HTML+CSS? Do you want to know, what is the alternative? So, what are you waiting for!! Just scroll down to see…

Showcase of iPhone Application Website Designs for Inspiration

iPhones have become a contented gadget now and users are more captivated by its copious applications than the smart phones. When apple released the iPhone, at that point of time thousands of applications hit the application store and now after four years still the market is increasing for application developers as every other day a

EBay Acquired Magento, an Experienced Player from the Ecommerce Industry

Is this acquisition beneficial for both “EBay” and “Magento“? Will this move open implausible opportunities for the entire Magento ecosystem? No one knows, what happens next!

Email Newsletter Design: 20 Creative and Inspirational Examples

Rating: Email Newsletters are gaining popularity these days as it is an incredible way used by most of the businesses online, so that they can communicate well with their existing and new customers. It is one of the powerful marketing and communication tools that has a variety of functions and that too effective. Basically, newsletters

Select the Best Web Hosting Service with HostUcan

Rating: These days, there are copious numbers of web hosting service providers in the market. But, here the question arises which is the best provider? Why a website owner is in search for reliable and affordable web hosting services? Well, Web Hosting plays a crucial role when it comes to proper functionality and visibility of

Top 10 PSD to HTML5 Service Providers

Rating: HTML5 is the latest buzz in the web industry. HTML5 offers web designers and web developer’s new capabilities for describing web pages as it is the major revision of HTML standard. HTML5 is implemented to a large extent with the help of current browsers such as Opera, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox. With

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