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This trend is followed when you want to create something exceptionally amazing that would truly help to differentiate your blog  from others and which will push the blog to stand out from the rest usual sites!!!!

Blogazines are often known for its trendy image. The blogosphere is continuously evolving. There are thousands of blogs maintained and updated everyday. So, what special you can do for your blog to make it look appealing and interesting to your readers. Ofcourse, Blogazines is the one of the solution you can opt for.

What is it all about…

The biggest thing about Blogazines is their appearance. Each blog post has its own individual look and design. The individualistic look for each different post is quite similar to that of online design magazines.

Why the subject is of high interest

Inculcate the spirit of Creativity: The unique designs simply force you to think creatively and come up with some innovations. By taking a little extra time for the art of blogging, your creativity will increase with your efforts too.

Pleasure and fun: If you experiment a lot of fun at figures of individual contributions and lavish pleasure, just go for blogazines. You will find amazing pleasure and fun in creating the appealing designs for you blogs.

Stamina: It requires a high amount of stamina. As, once you have started blogazines, it will remain be blogazines for ever. There would be no standard template for this. You need to put extra efforts and time for designing suitable templates. If you are in habit of writing short articles, then you need to change this as blogazines require a lot of content and that too quality content.

Skills in performing CSS/XHTML: For those ,who do not feel comfortable with CSS are not advised to start their blogazines. It requires a special knowledge in terms of CSS/XHTML. One who is not limited by technology, enthusiastic about designing something crazy innovative every time, should be advised to start up their blogazines.

Examples of Amazing Blogazines

Danny Garcia

Paddy Donnelly

Avoid Contact with Eyes

Dustin Curtis

Keep the readers in mind

Prepare a method of evaluation so that you can test your blogazine. If your readers are from non designing background, the different and unique designs of the blogs will be of no interest to them. They might leave your blog after a short while.

How the Blogazines can be a loss making deal for you

Lack  of  necessary knowledge about CSS/HTML: For Blogs, almost everyone can download a wordpress theme and make it work fortheme. But for custom layouts requires a good amount of knowledge and skills in CSS/XHTML.

Inconsistency: As the layout is going to be change from one post to another. If you donot put relevant layout as per your theme, your readers might find them inconsistent. That will lose the interest of the readers. You have to have consistency in your work in order to retain and increase your readers base.

Lack of time: Blogazines requires extra time and efforts on your part. New layouts everyday and good quality of text is hard to prepare till you have proper resources for that. Failing to do will automatically affects your readers base.

Not good for very frequently updated Blogs: The blogs which are updated with two or three new posts everyday are not advised to opt for being Blogazines. They better make contributions in a way which they are already following.

Get inspired by Jason Santa Maria’s work

Sorry!! No Advertisements on the side bar of Blogazine

Advertisements are unlikely to be shown at the sidebar as it would make the design more complex. Now its up to you that if you want to put advertisements in between the content. Test everything before you actually implement it so as to avoid any kind of errors or affecting your readers base.

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