Adobe Muse and Adobe Edge: Clash Between Revolution and Rebellion

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It has been an eventful quarter for website designers as they barely survived the sudden upheavals brought forth none other than by Adobe itself. In the last couple of months Adobe launched two back to back products that poised to change the very structure and topography of website design and development industry. Adobe Edge and Adobe Muse are the two products that are keeping designers on their toes as Adobe is making its intension clear that it is trying to demystify the secrets of designing and development by letting anyone design a website without having any technical expertise. From the users’ perspective, these are definitely a welcome move and Adobe should be appreciated for its attempt to simply the web for people who are not so technical advanced. But what does it mean to designers and developers who simply cannot afford to lose their jobs.

Adobe Edge and the Fear factor

Adobe Edge has been a long overdue. Apple has long been advocating strongly for HTML 5 as against Adobe flash, which is sloppy and make things unresponsive, as far as the claims of Jobs were concerned. However, until recently, Adobe was largely impervious to these claims and did not lose its coolness, even though Apple denied providing flash any room in its many popular devices. But things have changed and thank God, realization has dawn on Adobe that it can no longer maintain the status quo. So, here is the all new product – Adobe Edge that will let you do almost any animation you wish in HTML 5. This is cool, trendy, lightweight and the best part of it that, Apple does offer support to this. So, a smart move from Adobe; but what about flash designers and developers? What they are supposed to do to keep up with this changing world? This is really a tough question, and the answer is not that straightforward. The only solution is the upgradation of skills.

Adobe Muse and the Despair

The launch of Adobe Muse completes the circle of despair. It is still unclear what has prompted Adobe launch this half baked product that lacks the magic touch which is quite common with other adobe products so far. Though Adobe Muse vaunts to offer a code-free future, future minus complexities of doing the coding, it forgets the basic principle that creativity cannot be automated. A classic mistaken on the part of Adobe but still some people have come in a large number in support of Adobe Muse. But what threat does it possess for the developers? Simple, its purpose to unburden people from the complexities of coding and this is going to have a direct impact on current web development industry. Anyone with little or no programming knowledge will start developing sites without giving two hoots to the W3 standards, compatibility issues, etc. So, the future of web seems pathetic as sites with awful structures and SEO unfriendly websites will pervade thanks to Adobe latest endeavor.

Now, the truth is that Adobe will continue making experiments with its new products, and they may win the love of the people despite their shortcomings. So, developers and designers need to upgrade their skills if they are to survive in this industry.

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