35 Inspirational Photo Manipulation Tutorials

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Time for some more learning!!! Photo manipulation is a technique of editing the images so as to produce a kind of illusion or deception. Its amazing usage and ethical concerns made it a marvelous subject of interest for everybody. It has opened doors to unlimited creativity and innovation. There can be a great combination of two opposites in a single image. You can modify the image in any way you want. So, BestPSDtoHTML decided to give its readers a collection of cool Photo manipulation tutorials. These tutorials shown below will teach you a variety of techniques how to manipulate images using photoshop. So, Start learning and improve on your skills and knowledge of photo manipulation techniques…

Cute Green Apple

Dance Photo Manipulation

Dramatic Winged Dragon

Dynamic Distortion Effects

Falling Angel

Fantasy Illustration

Funky Perspective of a model riding Digital Volume

Slice of Nature Photo

Creative Photo Manipulation

Fantastic Tree

Midnight Magic

Plant that can eat You

Robotic Angel

Scared Photo Manipulation

Abstract Photo Manipulation

Blissful Landscape

Eery Eye Photo

Face Shattering Effect

The Garden

To turn Tom Cruise into an Alien

Vibrant Photo Manipulation

Design Photo Manipulation from Sketch to Color

High Flying Snowboard Illustration

Touching Story Scene

Dynamic Butterfly Inspired Photo Manipulation

Apple in Disguise

Animal king Photo Manipulation

Face Paint Dipping Effect

Fortunate Manipulation

Flooded City Scene

Forest Magical Scene

Making of Mythical Encounter

Eye Manipulation

Modern Ruins

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