30+ Websites with Beautiful Large Backgrounds

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As the monitor resolution is getting advanced, more and more designers use over-sized photo or illustrated image as the website’s background. As it is quite obvious that large things are easy to perceive. So, a large background image can create an amazing visual effect. It would add a kind of freshness in your website design as compared to the use of tiled background design. The website with large background will help you to stand out from the crowd. Bestpsdtohtml.com decided to inspire you with amazing examples of website designs with beautiful large backgrounds. So what are you waiting for!! Scroll down to see the list…

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Morphix Design Studio


Dean Oakley

Black Moon


Piipe Online


Going Green

How Host


Wall Swaps

World of Merix


Refresh Teeside

Matt Salik

The Circumference

Idea Paint

Gazelle Touch


The Staff Republic

Departures Design


Rich Brown


Dripping in Sunshine

Alex Arts

Ewing Cole

Absolute Bica

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