25+ Beautiful Icon Sets

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Icons are a great source of identification and recognition. In most modern designs, it is used to not only complete our design but also to attract the user’s eye. The value of icons lies in their ability to communicate the right message to the visitors in a more intuitive and effective way. There are some key points, need to be kept in mind while designing and using icons as part of website designing -

  • Icon design should be simple and logical
  • Keeping your audience in mind is very important while designing the icon
  • Icons should fit well within graphic systems.
  • Icons which are created in the same scheme of colors as the site can be quickly and easily overlooked, so proper scheme of colors should be adopted
  • There should be text written next to Icons
  • Never use too many icons in a website
  • Do not mix text and icons together

So BestPsdtoHTML decided to show and inspire you with 25+ Collection of Beautiful icon Sets. Just check out…

E Commerce Icons Set

Baggy Icon Set

Nike Air Force Icons

Antique Icons Set

Old School Icon Set

Scholny Icons

Nes Icons Pack

Social Icons Set

Stationary Icons Set

Coquette Part 3 Icons

Easter Bunny Icons

Stock Icons Set

Vector Arrow Icons

Watercolors Icons Set


Creature Ball Icons Set

Nesting Doll Icons Set

Futuristica Icons Set

PacMan Returns

Twitter Promo Icons Set

Zoomed Eyed Creatures

Icons for Yellow Pages

Kidaubis Chinese Wind Icon

Office Space Icons

Vector Kitchen Icons

Windows 7 Libraries Icons

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