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Creating WordPress Tutorials with the Movavi Screen Capture Studio


How good are you at handling WordPress? If you have experience using the platform to run a blog or website and want to show others how to do the same then why not create a tutorial video – or even a series of videos. Once you create these videos you could share them on social media or even publish them on YouTube or your blog and start to build up a following.


The one big impediment that may be stopping you from creating a WordPress tutorial is the fact that you may not know how. That is where the Movavi Screen Capture Studio will prove to be useful as it will give you everything you need to record and produce high-quality and professional-looking tutorials.

Recording the Tutorial

To record the tutorial itself all you need to do is use the Movavi Screen Capture Studio to record desktop. That way you can capture video showing people exactly what to do on WordPress – directly from your screen.

Before you start actually recording however it would help to have a plan that outlines each step and what you intend to show. Essentially this plan will act as your ‘script’ and you can record scenes according to it. Don’t worry if you have to record multiple takes of certain parts as the Movavi Screen Capture Studio will help you piece it all together later. It also has options that will let you capture keyboard and mouse actions – which could come in handy for WordPress tutorials.

Editing the Tutorial

Once you’ve recorded the footage that you need, you should edit the tutorial. The main idea when you’re editing the tutorial is to make everything fit just right – but you should also look into polishing and jazzing up the video to make it more attractive.

On both these fronts the Movavi Screen Capture Studio will provide you with ample features to improve your tutorial and make it look great, by:

  • Cutting and combining segments of video to remove unwanted footage and merge clips together in the sequence required.

  • Enhancing the quality of your videos and correcting common issues with recordings such as shaky, blurry, pixelated or interlaced video.

  • Applying special effects or filters to alter the visual style and appearance of your video.

  • Including audio tracks as background music or a voiceover.

  • Adding customizable text to create unique-looking captions, watermarks or subtitles.

Make no mistake, the Movavi Screen Capture Studio has numerous other features and the more you explore the more you’ll find you’re able to do. By the time you’re done you should be able to come up with a great-looking WordPress tutorial that really does stand out and will help guide your audience through the process.

How To Build a Community Website With WordPress

community website

Creating an online community with WordPress will not just help your business get more followers, but also more traffic. One may face quite a few challenges while building a community like this, but the results can surely be tremendous.

  1. Community building is an organic way to get traffic and users on the site.
  2. Building a community helps you own users and this makes them more permanent in nature.
  3. A community is a business asset that can be made bigger over a period of time.
  4. A Community provides you with regular content, which can monitored for quality as well as searchability.
  5. A community is the easiest way to reach out to the relevant target audience, community members are those who are interested in your community.
  6. A community is a ready reckoner for getting feedback for future growth and expansion.

community website development

Expertise In WordPress

Building a community in WordPress can be a challenging task. Since there are a host of functionalities one has to learn all the aspects to make it a smooth process.  As the community grows, one can feel the pressure of the hosting requirements, while one also might want to opt for customized solutions from outsourcing companies.

Content Moderation

Community sites need to be managed and moderated well, so that spam and hate comments can be be controlled. Constantly managing and monitoring the community is important to handle any sort of negativity around the community.

Forum Vs Social Network

Deciding on the type of community to build, requires you to define the object and the target group for your community.  Having a clear unique selling proposition is an essential.  Doing competitor research can help you get ideas as to how you wish to position yourself as.  Forums are traditional forms of communities and can be helpful while building B2B communities. Forums are also helpful in providing customer support to a large customer base.

Existing social networks like Facebook also provide a tremendous opportunity to create a large community of loyal followers.  

WordPress provides easy to download and implement, forum solutions that can be used to develop the community:

  1. bbPress
  2. Simple Press

There are some interesting solutions that WordPress offers for building a social network community:

  1. BuddyPress

Once a community is in place, one can look monetization options. These can include:

  1. Adding advertising banners
  2. Creating an option of paid community memberships

How To Choose The Right eCommerce Platform For Your Online Shop

The entry barriers to eCommerce are now limited, as more and more open source platforms are now available for quick web development of eCommerce websites. Choosing the right platform is a must for every business for better cost effectiveness and scalability.

best ecommerce platform

Understanding Your Budget

One of the key factors while choosing an eCommerce platform is its estimated cost.  Research all the platforms on the basis of the monthly cost of each. Choose the platform the best meets your requirement and budget.

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Ease Of Setting Up

Some eCommerce startups have lesser time to market, while others can take more time. One should research on the platforms to understand which ones are easy to deploy and which ones take more time. One has to set up other aspects of the business is ready. One must choose a solution that best meets the criteria in terms of early development.

Understanding The Functionality of The Site

Choosing an eCommerce platform that lets you customize, would definitely be helpful. As a business owner you are looking to develop a site that is user friendly and interactive. Choosing a platform that provides a host of plugins and addons can be really helpful in adding the right sort of functionality to the site. It is also important to to go for a platform that is mobile friendly, so the store can be optimized for mobile devices.

Showcasing The Products

One of the key factors for getting conversions on your eCommerce store is how well are the products displayed. One should choose a platform that best suits the product you are selling.

Research the kind of themes that are available in the platform and then choose the best according to your requirements.

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Load Speed

Website load speed directly impacts the popularity of the site, as most users are looking to save time, while ordering online. This is also important for search engine rankings, helping you to get a much needed traffic for your store. Researching different sites and their page load speeds and the platform they are running on, can give a fair idea of their load speed.

Integration With Other Platforms

There are lots of other software and tools that an eCommerce solution must integrate with, to get achieve the business goals. While researching on the eCommerce platforms, one must analyse the integration possibilities of the platform before selecting the right one.


One of the important features that one has to look for while choosing an eCommerce platform is the feature of marketability. Integration with e-mail tools and being able to promote products on social media are some of the basic features that one is looking for. Besides that, one also needs to observe the adaptability to content and design of the store.