2012 In Review – 10 Most Popular Posts

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Our most popular posts have variety of flavours to taste, but one thing that is the common ingredient is creativity and innovative ideas that are a delight to your eyes and mind as well. As we move into 2013, I thought I would sum up all the popular posts viewed and visited by the audience this year. I bet they all are worth re-visiting. Before wasting much of time, let us take a look at the posts below.

1. 25 Pics Showing Height of Laziness

BestPSDtoHTML-pics showing height of laziness-lazy doorstep
At times, we do not feel like doing anything, but just sticking to the place where we are. This gives birth to several shortcuts and innovative fixes for your work. In this post, you can find some highly innovative and ridiculous cases showing height of laziness.

2. Top 30 Forced Prospective Photography Examples

BestPSDtoHTML-Forced Prospective Photography Examples-perspective-photography-13
This post includes some amazing examples of perspective photography that manipulates human visual perception with scaled objects and harmonizes with other elements available around the field of vision of the spectator/photographer giving result to a dramatic optical illusion.

3. Top 15 Shadowgraphy Pics – A Rare and Exclusive Art

BestPSDtoHTML-Shadowgraphy Art Pics-Shadowgraphy-Art-12
This post caters to some of the most stunning and mind boggling shadowgraphy artworks created by some of the world’s most creative mindset. Take a look and rejoice your childhood with these amazing tricks.

4. Origami: Art Within Paper Folds

BestPSDtoHTML-Origami Art- origami strawberry cake
Origami has gained a huge popularity all around the world now, and we have dozens of origami designers and this post showcases some amazing paper-folding art pieces that would definitely sweep you away with their amazingly beautiful designs.

5. Outdoor Advertising: 30 Unique Advertising Campaigns

BestPSDtoHTML-Outdoor advertising-8
Creativity is the foremost skill that is required for creating an outstanding outdoor advertisement. The other things are sense of marketing and advertising, this post caters some amazing examples of outdoor advertising that would amaze you.

6. Online Photo Editing – Experience The Change

BestPSDtoHTML-online photo editing experience the change-flauntr-trucosblogs_com
A photo is like a time traveling machine that takes you beyond the time in a mysterious and magical way. Online photo editing tools are very efficient & can amaze you with the outcome. Check out this post, I am sure that you’ll start using online photo editing tools and exploring more of Web.

7. Watercolor Paintbox iPhone Case – Color of Creativity

When it comes to creativity, no one can hold the hand of an artist. An artist can give life to non-living things. We used paint colors to see the colorful world, the way we liked. To take you back into those days, designers have come up with a unique concept, “watercolor paintbox iPhone case”. Visit this post to take a look at such an eye-catching, creative & unique concept.

8. 35+ Amazingly Designed 404 Pages

404 Pages are those which we do not like to see, but somehow we get to see them. It is important to design the 404 page creatively so that the user do not get frustrated with the error messages displayed on the page. Check out this post to go through some awesome 404 page designs that might bring a smile on your face.

9. 20 Outstanding Poster Design For Inspiration

BestPSDtoHTML-20-outstanding-poster-design-for-inspiration-Sprout Snowmen
Poster is one of the best ways to communicate and present the information visually. In this post, we have congregated the 20 outstanding poster designs for your inspiration. So what are you waiting for?? Take a look around…!

10. 25 Stylish Decor Items Created by Recycling Newspaper

Earlier, newspapers were used to make small bags to carry daily products, but now recycling has become a common practise for the designers. Newspapers are one of the most unused item, that can be recycled and transformed into interesting things like decorative, furniture, display materials, etc. Check out a few decorative items in the post, stop throwing scrap papers and get inspired!

Special thanks to our talented team of editors and contributors who shared their knowledge and ideas with us to excel more.

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