Monthly Archive:: February 2011

Google Docs – A Universal File viewer

Google Docs is a multipurpose online documentation platform used for creating, sharing, editing, uploading, tracking, publishing and even acts as a blog authoring tool for some. Because of a wide array of features rendered by Google Docs, it has become a popular tool for most of the small businesses.

30 Stunning and Creative Flash Websites

Flash is a platform with n number of opportunities used to make creative and interactive flash websites. But how are flash websites different from other sites? Interactivity is one such factor for this. Although, knowing the fact that flash based websites have limitations such as a plug-in requirement, takes time to load, SEO-unfriendly, etc. but

20 Stunning Nature-Inspired Website Designs

Earlier nature had inspired artists but now-a-days designers are also getting inspired and have started making nature based website designs. And to make those designs attractive, designers simply add a natural element in their designs such as leaf, a tree branch and some grass. Designers not only add a leaf as a natural element, but

20 Best Black Themed Websites

Color selection is one of the most critical aspects of web design. Color is a powerful tool used for designing a good looking portfolio for any web designer. In web designing, each color has its own significance and used according to business requirements. Well, black is one such color when used in websites gives a

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