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20 Best PSD to Joomla Service Providers

The widespread of Joomla as a successful open source CMS is visible by its large community of users and developers. People use it as a website, blog, community portal, social networking site, online magazine and in various other forms. In other words, it is a CMS platform which fits to everyone’s needs. But in order

30 Attractive Minimalist Website Designs

Minimalism refers to a design style which is very simple yet elegant, which does not contain complex and too many design elements in it. It keeps on drawing the attention of the readers towards the focus area of website. There are no distractions by any kind of graphically complicated designs. This is highly a subject

20+ Firefox Add-ons for Designers and Webmasters

If you compare various browsers, you will find that Firefox is the most widely used browser and offers amazing functionality. That is why designers and developers simply love it. Moreover, it has the ability to provide a huge list of add-ons making the user experience much better. Firefox offers amazing add ons which are of

35 Inspirational Photo Manipulation Tutorials

Time for some more learning!!! Photo manipulation is a technique of editing the images so as to produce a kind of illusion or deception. Its amazing usage and ethical concerns made it a marvelous subject of interest for everybody. It has opened doors to unlimited creativity and innovation. There can be a great combination of

29 Websites having Admirable Footer Designs

Generally, it is considered that everything which is at the bottom of the page does not catch the attention of the users. Most of the designers agree with that. All the time we find the most unimportant things like copyrighted information or disclaimers at the botton so often, footers are very boring and uninspiring. Still

38 Cool MooTools Plugins Developers Should Know

Mootools are one of the very famous Javascript Framework. With this we can write powerful, flexible, and cross-browser code with its elegant, well documented, and coherent API. It is designed for both Intermediate to Advanced Javascript Developer. But as jQuery is going to takeover MooTool, jQuery is becoming increasingly important than MooTools.

Best of HDR (High Dynamic Range) Images and Tutorials

HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a set of techniques that allow to represent wide range of intensity levels between lightest and darkest areas of the image. Taking and presenting amazing pictures is something every photographer strive for. Here is where HRD comes to play. You can actually produces som eof the very rare masterpieces using

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