Archive - February 2010

PSD to XHTML Service Providers: Who to choose?


Constant increase in the number of PSD to XHTML service providers has pushed the total number of conversion service providers well beyond 100. A new service provider with same offering and at same price, like others may fail to spice up the competition, but it certainly elevates the confusion in the mind of customers while making the choice. The abundance in choice creates a hotchpotch and makes the whole process of hiring a PSD to XHTML service provider complex.


What makes it more confusing for the prospect is not only the core service or price but also the similarity in auxiliary features such as money back guarantee, online-chat, discount and others, which each service provider proffers.

Resemblance is not only limited to services, features or pricing but can also be seen in design, usability, navigation and some of the marketing activities followed by these firms. In a quest to become the customer’s favorite companies are ending up in imitating each other.

The rationale behind this dedicated imitation by majority of these service providers let it be in any form, is sharing the pie of success already achieved by someone.

With this post we are starting a series of posts which will discuss about each of these aforementioned factors due to which choosing a PSD to XHTML conversion service provider has become so enigmatic.