Monthly Archive:: January 2010

Top 60 Outstanding Photoshop Tutorials

Again it’s time for photoshop tutorials. The tutorials are good as an inspiration for creative ideas. You have to learn how to combine photos and add special effects to turn a normal photograph into a stunning artwork. So, keeping this in mind we are providing you with a collection of photoshop tutorials which would help

40 Remarkable Web Designs with Magazine and Newspaper Style

Everyone is driven by one or the other source of inspiration. This time there is once again a contribution, which you should simply provide inspiration. Generally, having magazine or newspaper style in web designs is very traditional as earlier the sites were heavy content driven. Unlike other web design styles that can use larger images

Top 50 Design with Amazing Water Color Effects

Something which is generally momentarily is called a “trend”.Trends come, get highlighted and as time passes, replaced by the new ones. Similar is the case with Web Designs. Web design trends come and go. With web 2.0, glossy icon sites were at premium, but at least one dares to hope that this trend is slowly

Chrome Steps on to Third Place Pushing Safari Behind

With a market share of 4.6%, Chrome is now the third most popular browser trailing Safari behind. The latest data from research firm Net Applications show that Google Chrome reap major benefits among users and seems to retain the podium one captured earlier in December in the case of the most used browsers on the

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