Monthly Archive:: December 2009

20+ Easy to Work Content Management Systems

Choosing a CMS for your project depends upon the requirement and complexity of the project. The rational behind choosing a CMS is deployment of flexible and better management of all the data, then be it content, pictures, videos, audios, etc. People with no or less technical knowledge find it difficult to manage all these things

20 Design Lessons to Learn on Christmas

Decorating home or work lab is obvious thing to do on Christmas, but how many really decorate their websites or blogs. The pretty thing about decorating your online store, website, blog or whatever you are attached with is it does not need much from you, but only time. This very occasion gives you a reason

15% Christmas Discount from our Sponsor, PixelCrayons

This December, will celebrate its very first Christmas. And to make this occasion even more special PixelCrayons has selected our platform to distribute their Christmas Discount to all our readers, followers and visitors. Now how you can avail this discount. The process is straight and simple, below are the details, which should be followed.

404! With a Difference…

404! Error Pages once used to be seen as the most unwanted page that any visitor would like to see, and therefore the designers did not give the required piece of attention to it. But now with time designers have started understanding the importance of keeping a visitor busy and navigate him back to the

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