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Service Review:

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Note:- This review is unlike other paid service reviews. We were approached by the company to review the quality provided by them and we accepted their proposal on one condition.

The condition was writing a service review only after actually reviewing their coding skills. This was necessary to bring out a true and unbiased service review which is worth reading to our readers.

The Procedure:-
After getting the PSD converted within the prescribed time it was sent to our Quality Analysis team, till this time we were a Mystery Costumer to The review below is purely based on the feedback provided by our QA team and does not carry any biasness.

For this we played as a ‘Mystery Customer’. A design file was sent to them anonymously following all the procedures, including initial payment of 50% of the package. Later in the end the payment was transferred back, thanks to them.

The services offers are no different from other service providers for obvious reason but you can see agility in their work which differentiates them. They promise conversion of any design file (PSD, PNG, AI etc.) into HTML and its extensions with cross browser compatibility. They also promise to provide a well commented and table less XHTML/CSS coding. Additional options of CMS integrations such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal , etc. are also available on the website and you can choose them at some additional cost.

Service Review:-
The bug report submitted by our QA team carried few common issues which can be resolved in second revision by the service provider. However the issues do not change the quality of image and the design after conversion, it matches its PSD. As such we had no specifications for html conversion and wanted it simple; few issues like removal of underline upon hovering and using different font colors can be resolved upon discussion with client.

The other trivial issues include little over white spacing, unequal pixel size and asymmetrical alignment which ask for another set of working hours from designer. Testing the conversion for browser compatibility, appearance on Mozilla was perfect but MAC and IE6 were not equally overwhelming.

Design on MAC was missing the white spacing, which separates the content where as in IE6 whole design failed to stay intact. Browser compatibility is one area where most designers struggle to get it right easily. This can differentiate from other service providers if they get it correctly.

Upon discussing the above issues with the service provider they quickly came into action and all bugs were fixed on time. Other than their service Order Process and Pricing are among few things in which a prospect would be interested to know about.

Order Process:-
Placing an order to the company has been described in 3 small steps, right on the home page. You can upload up-to 20 design files in any format. In case you are desired to upload more files, you can simply specify the link.

Work Process:
If you have already visited the website and made your mind to hire them then you can place your order from the Home Page itself. As there home page carries 3 buttons describing there three packages. Each package button navigates you to the order page. There you need to fill the order form with the information like your name, email-id, upload the number of files. In case you exceed the limited size you can provide the link of the source from where they can be downloaded.

The package you choose decides your turnaround time which depends upon every individual’s discretion. A comment box provided in the form can be used to give your specifications, if any. In case you require any additional feature to be added in your package such as integrations of Oscommerce, Joomla, Drupal, etc. you can choose them at some additional rates.

The company provides four packages to its clients with varying turn around times. The package starts from $75 with turnaround time of 3 days and goes up-to $150 with a turnaround time of 8hours without any difference in quality. After you have filled all the required details you are required to pay 50% of your total bill amount. This is an upfront charge which commences the deal and the company will start the project.

If you are a designer with no coding talent at all this surely can be your shop. The quality and conversion skills shown by are satisfactory and average, when compared to other big players. As there must be always some scope for improvement, the company also needs to work upon certain areas to become the top quality service provider in every manner.