Monthly Archive:: August 2009

Service Review:

Note:- This review is unlike other paid service reviews. We were approached by the company to review the quality provided by them and we accepted their proposal on one condition. The condition was writing a service review only after actually reviewing their coding skills. This was necessary to bring out a true and unbiased service

7 Awesome Resources to Test Cross Browser Compatibility of Your Website

When there are many browsers available for the users to surf the internet, it becomes evident for you to check the Cross Browser Compatibility of your website. Different people use different operating systems and browsers and you cannot control their wish to surf your website on one particular browser, just because your website does not

Malign Competition: Watch Out!

Are you aware of what your customers, ex-employees or current employees saying about you? And your competitors? Do you have any idea what kind of online conversation is going on about your brand? How such conversations are affecting others’ view point in regard to your organization? Earlier the spread of news was a slow process,

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